Gold has fallen dramatically since the new year as inflationary fears subside, although we have seen a recent increase in price. Meanwhile diamonds have held there value.

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It’s easy to get a good idea of how much cash your gold is worth by doing a simple test in the comfort of your own home: Simply use a set of standard kitchen weighing scales, weigh each item of gold separately and then use the My Cash Goldmine Gold Calculator to see what today’s gold market value is per carat of gold. This will give you a good estimate, before you send your gold to My Cash Goldmine, where we use high quality, approved precision-tested jewellery scales. These are exceptionally accurate and can weigh your gold down to a tenth of a gram. The more accurate the scales are, the fairer the prices are, which means you get the best cash price for your gold.

The carat is a mark, or Hallmark, which is added to jewellery to confirm the purity or amount of gold contained. The carat of gold is vital to the value of your gold and the most common carats are 9carat gold, 18carat gold and 22carat gold. At My Cash Goldmine we test every item of gold that you send us, to determine precisely how pure they are. So don’t worry, even if your gold doesn’t contain a visible Hallmark we can pay you our best cash price.

There are plenty of reasons why people want money for gold and why more and more people are thinking "what can I buy with cash from my gold?" Some of the reasons our customers cash in money for gold are: Free up cash from unwanted or broken jewellery and get money for gold that you don’t use any more. Buy a once in the lifetime holiday. Getting money for gold is a good way of paying off debts, credit cards or overdrafts. To make a one off purchase like a washing machine or new sofa. To do those home improvements you’ve put off for too long!


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Since we started buying Gold, we never once had a customer who lost his or her gold. That's not to say it can't happen, but it hasn't ever yet.

Once you have sent your gold to us we will give you a valuation on the next weekday, and the money will be in your account the same day you accept.

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We think we offer the best price, if we don’t we will pay you 10% more than the offer you received. If we don't buy from you, we will return your jewellery to you within 5 days

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